Exercise pens (x-pens)

I am sometimes asked about the exercise pens (x-pens) that I use to make an outdoor fenced area for my Norwich. Here is the information!

Rather than install a permanent fence, I have chosen use x-pens clipped together to make a large outdoor fenced area for my dogs. Using x-pens gives me flexibility regarding the size of my fenced area and the ability to make modifications on the shape as I wish. I pick the x-pens up before I mow and rebuild the fenced area afterwards.

The x-pens I use are made by Precision Pet Products, and are called "Precision Pet Pro Handler Exercise Dog Pen". The model numbers are


depending on the height you want (18 inches, 24 inches, or 30 inches).

I find one of the 18-inch x-pens useful in the house when I need to block off an area. For my main outdoor fenced area I use 24-inch x-pens, which are sufficient for most of my Norwich. However a few of my Norwich can jump and climb over the 24 inch x-pens, and for those dogs I have to use the 30-inch x-pens.

The x-pens will blow down in a strong wind, because of the "sail" effect; the taller ones more easily than the shorter ones. I usually expect to pick the pens up once a year in March when we have high winds. If you attached the pens to some rebar pounded into the ground, more than likely the pens would stay up in high winds. However for me that defeats the purpose of being able to pick the pens up so that I can mow.

Precision Pet Products does not sell directly - which is too bad given the number of their pens I have purchased. At various times I have purchased their pens from Amazon, Walmart, Hayneedle, Haymarket, Jet, AllModern (Wayfair) ... wherever an Internet search seems to give me the best price. Put "Precision Pet Pro Handler Exercise Dog Pen" with the model number in a search engine and you should find various sellers.

11 Nov 2020