Informal Fun Day

Norwich terriers and friends at an informal fun day at the home of Dr. Phyllis Pullen in Kingsville, MD on 3 July 2015.

Front row (sitting, from left to right):
Nell Van Helden (holding Nod, Tami), Dr. Phyllis Pullen (Phoebe, Bertie), Johanna McDill (Ben, Georgie)

Back row (standing):
Cricket Goodall (Wink, Zapp), Blair Kelly (Olivia, Bianca), Carolyn Kulbicki (Hobbes)

Ben ("Shaksper Soren Ben Miller")
Bertie ("Shaksper Prince Edvard Williams")
Bianca ("Shaksper Bianca Minola")
Georgie ("Jerusalem Georgie")
Hobbes ("Shaksper Titus Andronicus")
Nod ("Outfoxed Monomoy Nod")
Olivia ("Jerusalem Olivia Lenox")
Phoebe ("Millers Phoebe Of Thistle Dew At Jerusalem")
Tami ("Shaksper Tamora Queen Of The Goths")
Wink ("Outfoxed Polpis Perwinkle")
Zapp ("Outfoxed Jalapeno Poker Chip")