Genoscoper MyDogDNA

With the dramatic drop in the cost of DNA sequencing, a Finnish company, Genoscoper (, has begun performing approximately 100 canine DNA tests at a single time at a not unreasonable cost. See

For research purposes, I decided to have one of my Norwich ("Paige") tested. Now I did not expect to find that my dog has Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Muscular Dystrophy, or some other unrelated breed-specific disease. But some of the tests are for things known to occur in breeds closely related to Norwich terriers; for example, Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis (AKA ichthyosis) in Norfolk terriers. Plus I got coat color DNA test results - something I have been interested in, but previously never enough to put down money. Of course a result showing that my dog is a carrier or affected for one of the diseases would have been interesting (in an unfortunate way). So I decided to have one of my dogs tested as an experiment.

You can see the tests performed and the results for Paige if you go to

and (over on the right, second search box down where it says "For a quick access to a dog DNA pass...") put in the dog DNA pass number for Paige

8700 2321 4783 259

and pin


and clicking on the Access button. The page that comes up will have (at the bottom) four buttons - clicking on the one marked "Genetic Disorders" will bring up the health tests performed and the results. Information about each test can be had by clicking on the test which will bring up a pop-up window with more information about the test.

Paige is reported as "Clear" for all the DNA health tests performed.

I am NOT recommending MyDogDNA. I am not sure if I will use them again on another of my dogs. Perhaps I will put my research dollars somewhere else. I am only reporting the results as a data point about Norwich breed health.

[Added later - since the link above no longer seems to work, here is a pdf of the results.]

Blair Kelly
Shaksper Norwich
AKC Breeder of Merit

26 Aug 2013