What the AKC/CHF needs to do

It is interesting comparing the financials of the AKC/CHF with HSUS and PETA. From their most recent IRA 990s (line 8: Contributions):

AKC/CHF (4 stars by Charity Navigator)
2013 3.9 million
2012 2.9 million

PETA (2 stars by Charity Navigator)
2012 33.5 million
2011 29.7 million

HSUS (0 stars by Charity Navigator, Donor Advisory given)
2013 115.5 million
2012 112.8 million

The HSUS (and to a lesser extent, PETA) get their contributions from television campaings that show dogs in need ... even though very little of the money donated goes to help dogs in need.

Clearly what the AKC/CHF needs to do is have a television campaign showing dogs dying of cancer, having trouble walking because of degenerative myelopathy, breathing through a tracheal tube because of laryngeal collapse, etc. And ask for contributions.

Blair Kelly
5 June 2015