A Funny Agility Story

This actually happened at the beginning of December 2014 at my club's agility trial.

I had run Mandy in Standard, and now was running her mother Olivia. We got to the middle of the course where there was a table. I got Olivia up on the table, then glanced up to get my bearings and note where the next obstable (a tunnel) was located.

When I looked down at the table again, instead of seeing one Norwich terrier ... I saw two!

Now I had not been drinking. Honest.

Mandy had evidently heard me running her mother, so nosed the zipper of her soft crate open, made her way through 50 feet of crating area, went through the folding wooden ring gating, ran 50 feet to the center of the ring, and gotten on the table. And now was looking up at me for directions.

The judge finished the table count ... and immediately started laughing. (Judges learn to finish counting no matter what the distraction, nor how badly one has to sneeze, cough, etc.)

So I took off and directed both dogs towards the tunnel. I do not remember who got there first, but by the next obstacle - the double - Mandy had taken the lead. Then we did the dog walk, one dog right behind the other, Then the weaves - both dogs weaving perfectly, Mandy ahead of Olivia. Then the tire and the final jump.

As you can imagine, the crowd was laughing hysterically. And we got a cheer when we finished.

Sadly NO ONE got it on video.

A true story, really!