The goals of this database are:

1. To be as complete as possible for Norwich terriers used for breeding anywhere in the world.

2. All entries are from original sources.

I got tired of taking pedigrees from show catalogs and pedigree books, only to find misspellings, typos, and inaccuracies that made matching things up very difficult. So I only take pedigrees from their "original" sources. In the US, this means the AKC stud books; in the UK the KCSB Breed Record Supplement. To fill in some holes I have had to rely on pedigree reports from the kennel clubs, plus emails from kennel club employees who have kindly looked up original registration records.

3. All entries reference their source.

Referencing the source makes it easy to double-check data in case there are any questions. As far as I know, my pedigree database is unique in this respect.

4. My pedigree database is available for all to use for non-commercial purposes.

I do not make any claim that my pedigree database is perfect. I do many internal consistency checks, but no doubt there are transcription errors. (If you find any, please let me know.) Hopefuly any errors can be easily corrected, since one can easily look up the original source.