Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why isn't my Norwich terrier listed in the database?

Answer: Only Norwich terriers registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) are currently listed in the database. Additionally, the database only contains Norwich terriers listed in the AKC stud books. To be listed in an AKC stud book, a dog must have sired or whelped a litter. If your Norwich is AKC registered, then the parents must be in the AKC stud books (eventually).

The registered name must be spelled exactly as it is entered in the stud book. You may enter part of a name, and you will be given a list of possibilities.

Question: I have additional pedigree information. Would you like to add it to the pedigree database?

Answer: This database only contains entries that are cross-referenced to primary sources (the stud books). I welcome help in obtaining photographic copies of the Norwich entries of other countrys' stud books.

Question: Why are titles (like Champion) not listed when I print a pedigree? Titles are listed for dogs in the stud books.

Answer: This database was developed for genetic research. Thus titles are not the focus of the database.

Additionally, titles listed in the AKC stud books are only the titles the dog had when the dog was entered in the stud book. It is possible that the dog has earned titles after being entered in the stud book. One can look up (for free!) a dog's current AKC titles by going to the AKC Reports and Information Store, clicking on "Online Research Pedigree" and searching for the dog. (You must have an account with "My AKC" but do not need to purchase a pedigree to search for a dog.)

Question: What does "-1" mean for a pedigree entry?

Answer: All Norwich terriers in the United States are either imported or descended from imported dogs. The parentage of these imported dogs is listed in the AKC stud books, however further ancestery is listed in the stud books of the relevant country of birth. Thus "-1" (standing for "unknown") is used to represent these ancestors.

Question: What is ahnentafel format?

Answer: See the Wikipedia entry for ahnentafel.

Question: I think there is a mistake/have a suggestion/have a question about the database. Whom should I contact?

This database was developed and is maintained by Blair Kelly. If you believe there is an error - or have a question or suggestion, please email me at shakspernorwich at gmail dot com.