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An aperiodic blog about Shaksper Norwich dogs - both mine and those in other homes. To see how the dogs are related, use the relationship feature of my pedigee database.

Latest update 19 Jul 2019

20 Jun 2019
Several people have suggested that I continue my puppy blogs, telling what happens to the puppies after they leave my home. Other people want to know what is happening with my dogs. Hence this blog, which I expect to aperiodically update.

21 Jun 2019
Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") and I are entered in a three-day agility trial in Sanford NC. Also entered is Mandy's son, Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius"), owned by Jennifer and Keith. Boo has done very well in recent agility trials, but this is the first trial that Mandy and Boo are competing on the same courses. And the first course both ran today was Premier Standard - one of the hardest courses in AKC agility.

Mandy ran first. She was running "clean" (no mistakes), but towards the end I heard her tick a bar when she was going over a jump. I thought the bar had fallen to the ground - which would mean we would not qualify - but instead the bar fell back down into the cups that normally hold the bar. So no call by the judge! We finished clean and qualified. Boo, handled by Keith, ran a few dogs later. Keith and Boo ran very smoothly, with no mistakes. So they also qualified. So now the question - for bragging rights only - was who ran faster, Mandy or Boo. When the results were posted, we found that Mandy had run six seconds faster than Boo. Mandy of course is very experienced. I am sure that as Boo gets more experience, he will run faster.

Boo (on left) and Mandy (on right) with their Premier ribbons. Mandy got second place (red) and Boo fourth place (white).

I also heard today that Tavi ("Shaksper Octavia Minor"), owned by Helen, had her OFA eye exam. The veterinary ophthalmologist reported no problems. Yeah! The OFA eye exam was the last thing that Tavi needed to get her CHIC number. As soon as the eye exam results are recorded, Tavi should be awarded her CHIC number.

22 Jun 2019
Mandy's daughter, Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen"), came with us to the agility trial yesterday and today. Here is Siri with two girls visiting the trial.

Mandy had a great day at the trial today. In addition to qualifying on a very difficult Premier Jumpers course, Mandy also qualified on both the Master Standard and the Master Jumpers courses. Qualifying on both Master Standard and Master Jumpers on the same day gives Mandy another "Double-Q". Double-Qs are difficult to earn, and lead to titles.

23 Jun 2019
Bentley ("Shaksper Prince Edvard Williams") and his owner Larry, wife Marty, and son Alex came to watch the agility action. Bentley was recently bite by a copperhead snake. Fortunately Larry noticed the bite almost immediately, killed the snake, and rushed Bentley and the snake's body to their local vet. The snake bite was right between Bentley's eyes, and just missed his left eye. Larry said that Bentley's face swelled up. Fortunately all turned out well, and Bentley did not suffer any lasting effects, other than having his coat shaved to make sure there were no other bites. This was the first time I had seen Bentley since the snake bite, and I was very happy to see that all is well with him. Here is (from left to right) Keith holding Boo, myself holding Mandy, and Larry holding Bentley. Bentley is Mandy's uncle and Boo's great uncle.

Jennifer handled Boo to a qualifying run in Master Jumpers today. But the big news of the day is that Keith handled Boo to a his third qualifying run in Excellent Standard, thus earning Boo his Excellent Standard title! Go Team Boo! Here is (from left to right) judge Rhonda Bermke, Keith holding Boo, and Jennifer.

In other news, Mandy got a double-Q; her third towards her next title. (She needs 20 to get the title.)

25 Jun 2019
Lynn S. sent me this photo of Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta") with big sister Cayenne (Westie) and baby brother Beau (Cardigan Welsh Corgi). Polly is from Mandy's second litter and already has her Novice Jumpers agility title. Go Polly!!!

28 Jun 2019
Forwarded by Gail:

Hi Papa Blair! Look how much I'm growing! I love to chew the buttons off of Daddy Edmunds trousers, but he is not too fond of that. Love you. Percy ("Shaksper Thane Of Lennox")

30 Jun 2019
Larry, owner of Bentley ("Shaksper Prince Edvard Williams") forwarded me a news link about the FDA's investigation into a possible link between certain dog foods and canine heart disease. The FDA recently released (a third) update on their investigation.

The bottom line is that the FDA is investigating, but no definitive conclusions have been made yet - although the news headlines seem to indicate otherwise. My advice continues to be to feed a good quality kibble, supplement with appropriate cooked or raw food, occasionally switch brands of kibble, and watch the dog's weight. Obesity in dogs (as well as humans) is a known risk factor for illness, and a higher risk - given what we currently know - than any particular dog food.

July 2019

1 Jul 2019
Forwarded by Lynn, owner of Duffy ("Shaksper Thane Of Fife"):


Hope Mom and the Aunts are doing well! It's been a hectic couple of weeks at my new house, so sorry for not writing.

Life in the new house is pretty fun. I'm pretty much the center of all attention (as it should be!). I've trained the humans to wake at the right time (5:30am), give me treats and play with me when I want. Sometimes I bark and try to get their attention, but they just ignore me. I think they are a little stubborn at times.

The bigger human tries to race me around the house - not sure what he's doing but I'm soooo much faster! I can run from room to room, under the dining room chairs, around the couches, over and over - it's not even a contest!

Last weekend, we went back to the playground [editor's note - puppy class] and I got to go through the tunnel, over the teeter and up and down this big hill! I'm still not sure about the down part of the hill - if they'd just put a big steak at the bottom, I'd be there in a heartbeat!! Oh, yeah, and I got to go over the playground without a leash! I followed the humans and we went through all the steps and I got a big piece of cheese at the end. BTW ... just sayin ... the golden, a shepard, and some skinny brown dog just kept running off to the woods - do they not know how to play on a playground?? This week was pretty exciting - we went see the doctor. I'm not really sure I like that place because they poked me, but the doctor thought I was just the cutest!! In fact, after she finished and left, she came back and introduced herself to the humans (apparently, she forgot the humans were in the room when she saw how, yes, adorable, I am!). While she thought I was cute, she did think I was a smidge chunky and suggested (how could she!!) that I cut back slightly on the food. The doc did say, though, that I could have celery whenever I want - Yay!!

The humans are taking me on walks and trying to keep me on a schedule, but sometimes, I just don't want to pee when I go outside. Then, after playing for a while, you know, you gotta do what you gotta do and the rugs are just like grass! I don't think I'm supposed to do that, but it is kinda fun watching the humans get all red and frustrated! I think they are catching on b/c I'm having more trouble sneaking away when nature calls.

So, today, one of the humans had me chase this ball and when I brought it back to her, she gave me a treat! See, all I have to do now is go get the ball, bring it to her and I get a treat! They are soooo trainable - although I can't seem to find the ball anymore - huh!

Oh, yeah, and I got my weekly shower today - the humans have to shower everyday (which I supervise, of course, and jump in when they are done) but I'm so cute, I only have to do it once/week.

The humans played some sounds yesterday- really loud popping sounds, sizzling sounds, etc. I'm not sure why they wanted me to hear those sounds - I just ignored them and kept chewing my chew stick. They did say something about a holiday next week, but not sure what that's about?!

Anyway, I miss you guys - I need to come see you, soon.

The Thane of Fife (aka Duffy)

With the Fourth of July approaching, it is a good time to remind everyone that dogs do not like the sound of fireworks. So if you live in an area where the neighbors set off fireworks, my recommendations is to close up your house on the evening of the fourth, retreat with your dog to a bedroom, and watch a movie that contains a lot of loud noise. Hopefully your dog will tune out the fireworks along with the loud noise of the movie.

2 Jul 2019
Last night was the last class meeting of the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class that Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen") and I have been taking. So it was test night, where a CGC evaluator tested us on the ten CGC exercises. Siri passed all ten and so now has earned her CGC title, her first AKC title. Go Siri!

In sad news, we heard from Johanna about the prognosis for Ben ("Shaksper Ben Miller"). Ben has chondrosarcoma - a form of bone cancer. To my knowledge, cancer is rare in Norwich terriers - unlike in some dog breeds where certain cancers are particularly common. A while ago, Johanna found a lump on Ben's side, which her vet thought was suspicious. A surgeon removed the tumor (and part of two ribs). Here is Ben after he came home. Unfortunately the pathology report came back with a diagnosis of chondrosarcoma. Now the oncologist who was consulted says that there is no treatment and expects that Ben has nine months to a year to live. My heart just goes out to Johanna and Ben. Ben is only eight years old. (His birthday is in September.)

Johanna plans to keep Ben comfortable for as long as possible. She tells me that Ben is recovered from his surgery (except for a large shaved spot), and recently went on his first long walk - which he loved! - since his surgery.

8 Jul 2019
Lynn S. reports that Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta") this weekend earned her Novice Standard agility title, and her first Open Jumpers leg. (A "leg" is a qualifying run; Polly will need three to earn her Open Jumpers title.) Go Polly!!!

And Lynn T. sent me these pictures of Duffy ("Shaksper Thane Of Fife") entitled what not to chew on and what to chew on.

10 Jul 2019
Keith and Jennifer who own Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") have reminded me that Boo has his TKI (Trick Dog Intermediate) title, earned for demonstrating tricks that Boo has learned. Way to go Team Boo! For more on Trick Dog titles and how to earn them, see the AKC trick dog web page.

Here is a photo of Boo looking at a photo of ... Boo!

11 Jul 2019
I heard today that Tavi ("Shaksper Octavia Minor"), owned by Helen, has been awarded her CHIC number. Yeah!!!

16 Jul 2019
Gail send me the following pictures of Percy ("Shaksper Thane of Lennox"):
18 Jul 2019
I have written out instructions on how to do inexpensive titering, Comments are welcome.
19 Jul 2019
I heard today that Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius"), owned by Jennifer and Keith, has been awarded his CHIC number. Yeah!!! Besides the CHIC health tests giving information about the health of the dog, the test results give us important information for the breed.