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An aperiodic blog about Shaksper Norwich dogs - both mine and those in other homes. To see how the dogs are related, use the relationship feature of my pedigree database.

25 Nov
Kristy sent me this picture of Valor ("Shaksper Rosencrantz") watching the Thanksgiving dog show.

20 Nov
Jennifer and Keith sent me this picture of Bear ("Shaksper Guildenstern") showing off his jumping ability. Jennifer wrote "Please add our Instagram, #norwichagility, so people can follow if they like."

8 Nov
Happy birthday to Ophelia ("Shaksper Ophelia"), Valor ("Shaksper Rosencrantz"), and Bear ("Shaksper Guildenstern") who are all two years old today. Kristy sent me these pictures of how Valor celebrated:

Griffin sent me this picture of Estelle ("Shaksper Charmian") with a friend.

4 Nov
Jim and Irene brought HP ("Shaksper Harry Percy") for a visit. Here is a group photo - Irene holding HP, I am holding Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") on my right, Gwynie ("Shaksper Gwyneth De Lesseps") on my left, Ophelia ("Shaksper Ophelia") has her paws on my knee, Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen") is on the box, and Izzy ("Shaksper Iras") is checking if there is any more food in the bowl.

30 Oct
Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried"), Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen") and I were at an agility trial this weekend. Mandy got another difficult to get double-Q. Here we are with Norwich friends at the trial. (Mandy is on my right, Siri has her ears up.) My other dogs were at my petsitter waiting for me to come pick them up. From left to right, Ophelia ("Shaksper Ophelia"), Izzy ("Shaksper Iras"), and Gwynie ("Shaksper Gwyneth De Lesseps"). (Actually I am told that they were looking at my petsitter's Sheltie who was in the back yard.)

28 Oct
Irene sent me this Halloween picture of HP ("Shaksper Harry Percy").

24 Oct
Lynn S. tells me that Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta") has earned the Open Barn Hunt (RATO) title by finding rats contained within PVC tubes hidden amoung bales of hay.

19 Oct
Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") and Bear ("Shaksper Guildenstern") who are staying with me for a few days.

18 Oct
John and Griffin and their new S.T.A.R. puppy Estelle ("Shaksper Charmian").

5 Oct
Kristy sent me this picture of Valor ("Shaksper Rosencrantz") showing off his climbing skills while hiking in the mountains.

4 Oct
Lynn S. and Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta") plus myself with Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") and Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen") at the Montgomery Terrier Agility Cluster.

3 Oct
Jennfer and Keith reported that Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") today earned his MACH title (Master Agility Championship) at the Durham Kennel Club's agility trial. Boo is the 28th Norwich to earn this difficult title, and follows in the footsteops of his mother ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") and grandmother ("Jerusalem Olivia Lenox") who also earned the MACH title.

29 Sep
Victoria sent me this very nice picture of Portia ("Shaksper Porcia Catonis").

25 Sep
Norwich are not diggers ... unless there is a critter. Claudia sent me this picture of Robin ("Shaksper Robin Goodfellow") hard at work.

19 Sep
Happy Birthday to Ben ("Shaksper Soren Ben Miller"), Paige ("Shaksper Paige Morgan"), and Bentley ("Shaksper Prince Edvard Williams") who are eleven years old today.

31 Aug
Happy Birthday to Portia ("Shaksper Porcia Catonis"), Sayer ("Shaksper Soothsayer Of The Ides"), and Tavi ("Shaksper Octavia Minor") who are six years old today.

Victoria sent me these pictures of Portia:

Carolyn sent me these pictures of Sayer:

Helen sent me this picture of Tavi.

29 Aug
Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") earned three (!) double-Qs at this weekend's agility trial in Sanford North Carolina.

23 Aug
I learnd that today that Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta") handled by Lynn S. earned her MXP (Master Agility Preferred) title. It takes ten quailifying "legs" (scores) to earn a Master title.

21 Aug
Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried", Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen"), and a deer! My dogs were barking furiously, but evidently not enough to scare away two deer that wandered into the yard. As is evident I am currently working on stripping Siri.

16 Aug
Happy Birthday to Boo ("Shaksper Lady Catrin Mortimer"), Madeline ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy"), Elvis ("Shaksper Edmund Mortimer", and HP ("Shaksper Harry Percy") who are one-year old today.

15 Aug
Lynn S. reports that Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta") was the "start of the car" this weekend, qualifying in every Barn Hunt class in which Polly was entered.

Also this weekend at an agility trial, Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") handled by Jennifer and Keith earned his 20th (and 21st) double-Q towards his MACH title. Now all Boo needs are speed points to earn the title. And their dog, Bear ("Shaksper Guildenstern") earned his first agility "legs", qualifying in both Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers, earning a blue 1st place ribbon both times.

At the same trial, Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") also earned two double-Qs, qualified on a Premier Standard course and a Premier Jumpers course, and ran clean (made no mistakes) on another very difficult Premier Jumpers course ... but was over time by a half second (and so did not qualify).

8 Aug
Victoria sent me this picture of Portia ("Shaksper Porcia Catonis") relaxing.

31 Jul
Lynn S. tells me that today Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta") earned her MJP (Master Jumpers Preferred) agility title. The Preferred program allows a dog to jump one jump height lower than would otherwise be required in the Regular program. Almost all Norwich are required to jump in the 8 inch height class in the Regular program, so Polly earned her title from the 4 inch height class. Some dogs do better and have more fun jumping in a lower height class. Owners can choose to run their dogs in either the Regular program or the Preferred program (and can even switch back and forth).

29 Jul
I heard today that both Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") - owned by me - and her son Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") - owned by Jennifer and Keith - have been invited to the AKC Agility Invitational to be held in December in Orlando Florida. This is the second time that both have made the top five agility Norwich list and thus been invited. Last year neither of us went because of the pandemic; hopefully things will be better this year.

A nice (impressionistic) picture of Boo ("Shaksper Lady Catrin Mortimer") running across my field.

28 Jul
Today is the birthday of Gwynie ("Shaksper Gwyneth De Lesseps") who is now one-year old.

26 Jul
Today is the birthday of Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") - who lives with me - and her brother Peanut ("Shaksper Victor Garcia") who lives with Max and Carrie. It is hard to believe that both dogs are nine years old now.

Boo ("Shaksper Lady Catrin Mortimer") who is coming to stay with me for a bit while Ian and Terry travel. There are two Shaksper "Boo" dogs - one male, the other female. Yes, it is confusing!

5 Jul
Anne send me this picture of Elvis ("Shaksper Edmund Mortimer")

4 Jul
Jennifer sent me this picture of Madeline ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy") wearing her Fourth of July bow.

1 Jul
Two days ago, Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") came back from a run in the nearby field clearly not acting normal and making nasal sounds. Based upon experience I strongly suspected that Mandy had gotten a piece of grass stuck up her nose. I have had other dogs do this, and Mandy has done it once before. Normally if one of my dogs is in distress, I would head to my vet's office or the nearest emergency hospital. But I decided to wait and see if Mandy could clear the grass on her own. This was probably not the wisest decision, as after listening to Mandy last night I realized that Mandy needed veterinary care. From experience I knew that my regular vet would just send me to the emergency hospital, so I took Mandy directly there. I did not feed Mandy breakfast as I knew that Mandy would probably have to be put under anesthesia. I took Mandy to the NC State Emergency Hospital. As I suspected, after putting Mandy under anesthesia and doing a rhinoscopy (looking at the nasal cavity with a scope) they found a piece of grass at the back of Mandy's nasal passage. Mandy either inhaled the grass or when eating grass coughed and got the grass stuck in the back of her nose. We were at the hospital all day. I read and napped in my car. At the end of the day, they released Mandy back to me. The vet gave me the $1,000 dollar piece of grass that had been in Mandy's nose. Mandy has recovered nicely and is now back to her normal self.

27 Jun
Lynn S. tells me that Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta") earned her Novice Barn Hunt (RATN) title this weekend. In Barn Hunt, a dog and their owner locate and mark rats (in aerated tubes) hidden in a maze of hay bales.

Also this weekend Jennifer and Keith tell me that Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") earned two more Double-Qs at an agility trial in Viriginia. Their dog Bear ("Shaksper Guildenstern") spent the weekend with me while Jennifer and Keith, Boo, and their other dog Madeline ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy") were away. I enjoyed getting to know Bear again, who was a perfect gentleman putting up with puppies and also the attention of his two sisters.

21 Jun
Gwynie ("Shaksper Gwyneth De Lesseps") earned her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Novice Trick Dog (TKN) titles today.

13 Jun
Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") and I were able to earn a double-Q at an agility trial in North Carolina. At the same trial, Mandy's son, Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") handled alternately by Jennifer and Keith, was able to earn two double-Qs! Go Team Shaksper!

12 Jun
Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta") with her Barn Hunt Instinct ribbon. In Barn Hunt, dogs try to find rats (in tubes with airholes) hidden among bales of hay.

Some very sad news - Carolyn wrote that Hobbes ("Shaksper Titus Andronicus") after being very sick was euthanized today. Hobbes had just turned seven years old in May. An autopsy is being done to determine the cause of death.

20 May
Valor ("Shaksper Rosencrantz") out with Kristy to look for sea turtle tracks so that the nests can be protected.

19 May
Helen sent me this picture of Tavi ("Shaksper Octavia Minor") in her domain.

17 May
Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen") had four puppies by free whelp. You can follow the saga on their puppy blog.

16 May
If you can earn one double-Q at an agility trial, that is a good weekend. Earning double-Qs is difficult. If you can earn two double-Qs, that is a great weekend. But if you can earn three double-Qs (at a three-day trial) ... well, it does not get any better than that! Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") handled by Jennifer and Keith had a perfect weekend. Here is Keith and Boo showing off their ribbons.

5 May
My dogs are good about alerting me if there is something new in the environment. Gwynie ("Shaksper Gwyneth De Lesseps") barked furiously when she came across this turtle during our morning walk.

2 May
We were at a local outdoor agility trial this weekend. Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") earned two more double-Qs, and Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") handled by Jennifer and Keith earned a double-Q. But the big news of the weekend was the agility debut of Jennifer and Keith's dog, Bear ("Shaksper Guildenstern"). Here is Jennifer and Bear after their Sunday run.

1 May
Terry and Ian sent me this picture of Boo ("Shaksper Lady Catrin Mortimer") standing on a rock in the forest.

28 Apr
Jennifer and Madeline ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy"). Madeline running through the grass.

27 Apr
Ian sent me this picture of Terry and Boo ("Shaksper Lady Catrin Mortimer") and says that Boo loves to go shopping.

25 Apr
Happy Birthday Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta") and Robin ("Shaksper Robin Goodfellow"). It is hard to believe that you are four years old already!

23-25 Apr
Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") and I competed at another outdoor agility trial and Mandy again earned two double-Qs. Jennifer, Keith, and Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") also competed.

22 Apr
Claudia sent me the following nice email about their dog Robin ("Shaksper Robin Goodfellow")

I walked Robin up the mountain this morning. I was picking up cigarette butts as I saw them. It took Robin less than 5 seconds to locate, dig up, and kill his first vole. Took me more time to make him drop it.

Robin will be FOUR years old on the 25th. Time goes by too quickly.

He loves his long morning walks. Herb takes him on a shorter walk in the afternoon. He is a show stopper at Lowes. It is not just his looks; it is the winning personality and his ability to look people in the eye.

We love Robin. He adds so much to our physical and mental well being. Hearing not so much. The cardinals drive him nuts.

Hope you are doing well.

20 Apr
I learned today that Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") earned the MACH4 title at the recent agility title. MACH4 means that Mandy has satisfied the MACH title requirements four times. I was (pleasantly) surprised, as I thought we needed two more double-Qs.

19 Apr
Boo ("Shaksper Lady Catrin Mortimer") among the flowers.
18 Apr
Jennifer, Keith, and Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") earned lots of ribbons at a local agility trial. Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") and I competed at the same outdoor trial, where Mandy earned two double-Qs. (A double-Q is earned by qualifying on both the Master Standard course and the Master Jumpers course on the same day.)

13 Apr
Ultrasound today showed that Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen") is pregnant. I have started Siri's puppy blog for this litter.

8 Apr
Winnie ("Shaksper Tamora Queen Of The Goths") enjoying spring and guarding Tom and Karissa's house from pesky squirrels.

5 Apr
Larry sent me this nice photo of Bentley ("Shaksper Prince Edvard Williams") and writes that Bentley is doing well.

4 Apr
Madeline ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy") dressed up for Easter.

31 Mar
Jennifer sent me this photo of sleeping Norwich - from left to right, Bear ("Shaksper Guildenstern"), Madeline ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy"), and Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius").

30 Mar
Kristy sent me this picture of Valor ("Shaksper Rosencrantz") checking out the contents of the recently-arrived box from Chewy's.

26-28 Mar
At the Youngsville NC agility trial, Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") and I earned two more difficult to get double-Qs (qualifying on both the Master Standand course and the Master Jumpers course on the same day). Mandy's son, Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius"), was also at the trial, being handled alternately by Jennifer or Keith. On the courses where both dogs qualified, Boo was faster than Mandy by approximately half a second.

23 Mar
Looking at me on the left is Madeline ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy") and on the right is Gwynie ("Shaksper Gwyneth De Lesseps"). Madeline has come into season (her first). Madeline normally lives with Jennifer and Keith and their two male dogs. But intact males and females in the same house is not a good idea (for many reasons), and so Madeline has come to stay with me and my girls while Madeline is in season.

22 Mar
Victoria sent me this picture of Portia ("Shaksper Porcia Catonis") recovering from her spay. "Drugs are icky" says Portia.

19 Mar
Karissa and Winnie ("Shaksper Tamora Queen Of The Goths") out for a bike ride. Later Winnie riding with Tom.

15-21 Mar
Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen") and I took a road-trip to Kentucky to breed Siri to Robert ("Camio's Charred Oak"). Unfortunately there is no canine urine test for pregnancy, as there is for humans. So we will have to wait for an ultrasound in approximately a month to see if Siri is pregnant.

8 Mar
Percy ("Shaksper Thane Of Lennox"), Duffy ("Shaksper Thane Of Fife"), and Rocco ("Shaksper Thane Of Ross") are two years old today. Lynn T. sent me this picture of Duffy. Kathy sent me this picture of Rocco (on right), with a friend.

4 Mar
Lynn S. reported that ("Shaksper Hippolyta"), had her dental in February.

2 Mar
Robin ("Shaksper Robin Goodfellow") had his teeth cleaned today. Claudia sent me this picture of Robin sill a little sedated afterwards.

1 Mar
Victoria tells me that they are raising a Border Collie puppy for a friend. Portia ("Shaksper Porcia Catonis") is treating the puppy as if it were her baby.

27 Feb
Jennifer sent me this picture of Madeline ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy") on the left and Bear ("Shaksper Guildenstern") playing with a lure toy.

24 Feb
Ben ("Shaksper Soren Ben Miller") modeling his winter coat in the Maryland snow.

21 Feb
My petsitter who lives on a farm sent me this five-year old picture that popped up on her phone of Portia ("Shaksper Porcia Catonis") with a baby lamb.

16 Feb
Abigail sent me this picture of Percy ("Shaksper Thane Of Lennox") looking like the laird of the manor.

15 Feb
Sandy sent me this picture of Peanut ("Shaksper Victor Garcia") surviving a New York City snowstorm.

7 Feb
Chris weighing Portia ("Shaksper Porcia Catonis"). Everyone is staring at Chris' hand because of the treat he is about to give Portia for standing still on the scale.

28 Jan
Victoria sent me this picture of Portia ("Shaksper Porcia Catonis") and friend.

22 Jan
Anne writes that Elvis ("Shaksper Edmund Mortimer") likes watching nature programs.

19 Jan 2021
Jennifer getting all the dogs to sit. From left to right - Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen") who is in the process of being stripped, Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius"), Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried"), Bear ("Shaksper Guildenstern") on Mandy's left, then on Mandy's right are Gwynie ("Shaksper Gwyneth De Lesseps", Ophelia ("Shaksper Ophelia"), and Madeline ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy"). Jennifer and Keith own Boo, Bear, and Madeline; the rest live with me. My dogs were visiting Jennifer and Keith while I went to the nearest FedEx Shipment Center to send blood and urine samples from Gwynie and Madeline for the MU/OFA Hip Dysplasia Biomarker Study.

17 Jan 2021
Claudia sent me this picture of Robin ("Shaksper Robin Goodfellow") with a rawhide chew. Robin is a "fluffy" so does not have the coat texture or coloration as most Norwich.

13 Jan 2021
Winnie ("Shaksper Tamora Queen Of The Goths") on Karissa's lap in a Christmas card photo that was not used.

12 Jan 2021
Madeline ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy") ready for sweater weather. Jennifer knows I hate these "cute" pictures.

11 Jan 2021
Some sad news. I learned today that Olivia ("Jerusalem Olivia Lennox") was put down on 6 January. Olivia was almost 14 years old, and spent her senior years with Joe. Olivia was the maternal ancestor of all Shaksper Norwich alive today. Here are some pictures of Olivia in her prime:

Olivia's great-grandson Elvis ("Shaksper Edmund Mortimer") only five months old and already showing off his hunting ability. Anne says the bird hit a window, and Elvis brought it to Anne and dropped it at her feet.

8 Jan 2021
Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta") earned her AXP title today at an agility trial in Pennsylvania. "AX" means Polly has satisfied the requirements of the Excellent Standard level, and the "P" means in the "Preferred" program. In the Preferred program, a dog jumps one "jump height" lower than they would otherwise be required. For Polly, this means jumping 4 inches, which her owner, Lynn S., thinks is better for Polly.

And Ian and Terry sent me this picture of one of Polly's daughters, Boo ("Shaksper Lady Catrin Mortimer"), playing with neighborhood children.

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