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An aperiodic blog about Shaksper Norwich dogs - both mine and those in other homes. To see how the dogs are related, use the relationship feature of my pedigee database.

20 Dec
Kate ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy") still in her jamies.

Valor ("Shaksper Rosencrantz") travelling for the holidays, which involved staying in a hotel room.

19 Dec
Kate ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy") with a Christmas bow.

A nice Christmas photo of Portia ("Shaksper Porcia Catonis") with her new family - Chris (holding Portia), Victoria, and their Border Collies.

14 Dec
I received the following email from Tavi ("Shaksper Octavia Minor") - although I think Helen helped Tavi write it:

Greetings from Maryland! Octavia here ......all is well in our household. Lucille (bull dog and my house mate) and I have enjoyed the last 8 months. A human is always here so no anxiety. Dad just had back surgery last week and that thing he walks with makes a lot of noise! I don't like it, but I walk with him in the house anyway. I am still pursuing the chipmunks and squirrels who continue to invade my yard. I'm sure I will catch one soon. There is a green tree in the living room with lights on it. I guess it's that Christmas thing again like last year.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It's got to get better now!

Octavia and family

12 Dec
Elvis ("Shaksper Edmund Mortimer") meets snow.

Chris and Valor ("Shaksper Rosencrantz") at the park.

10 Dec
Gwynie ("Shaksper Gwyneth De Lesseps") finished puppy class and passed the test to earn her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy certificate.

1 Dec
Another picture from Jennifer of the dogs on the beach in South Carolina.

30 Nov
Elvis ("Shaksper Edmund Mortimer") using his hypnotic powers to entice the child to throw Elvis some food.

28 Nov
Bear ("Shaksper Guildenstern"), Kate ("Shaksper Lady Elizabeth Percy"), and Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") running on the beach in South Carolina.

26 Nov
Joe was kind enough to send me this picture of Olivia ("Jerusalem Olivia Lenox"). Olivia is the maternal ancestor of all Shaksper Norwich. I still miss you, Olivia.

Elvis ("Shaksper Edmund Mortimer") trying to understand how a cat is going to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

25 Nov 2020
I normally do not put video clips on my blog as they take up so much bandwith. But this one is so cute that I have to make an exception.

Terry and Ian have set up a simple puppy agility course for their 14-week old Norwich, Boo ("Shaksper Lady Catrin Mortimer"). Here Boo (who still has her dark guard hairs) is running with her great-aunt Winnie ("Shaksper Tamora Queen Of The Goths") who came over for a play date.

15 Jun - 18 Nov 2020
See Polly's 2020 Litter blog.

25 May - 6 Oct 2020
See Portia's 2020 Litter blog.

12 May 2020
Portia ("Shaksper Porcia Catonis") is (finally) in season. ... about a month later than I was predicting, but I am often off by as much as a month either way. I have alerted the owner of the stud dog that I plan to use, made an appointment with my repro vets, and am starting with the items on my breeding check list.

10 May 2020
Bentley ("Shaksper Prince Edvard Williams")

8 May 2020
The final rankings for the 2020 AKC Agility Invitational were announced. Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") is the number three Norwich in agility, and her son Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") is number five. The top five or so dogs of each breed are invited to participate in this national agility event, which will be held (hopefully!) in December in Orlando Florida.

26 April 2020
Peanut ("Shaksper Victor Garcia")

23 April 2020

5 April 2020
Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried")

3 April 2020

27-29 March 2020
The AKC National Agility Champtionship is postponed, then cancelled because of the pandemic. Mandy ("Shaksper Amanda Seyfried") had qualified for the Nationals, which is a competition for the best agility dogs in the country.

24 Mar 2020
Ophelia ("Shaksper Ophelia") walking on top of my baby tunnel.

12 Mar 2020
Siri and Polly - Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen") and I are on the left, Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta" with owner Lynn S. on the right. We all were at the Louisville KY agility trial. Siri earned her Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers titles that day. This big four-day agility trial and conformation show was shut down after the second day because of the pandemic.

8 Mar 2020
Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") - celebrity shot, as he is a model in a commercial advertisement.

3 Mar 2020
Boo, Bear, and Ophelia all doing a down stay. Ophelia ("Shaksper Ophelia") was visiting Boo ("Shaksper Guiderius") and Bear ("Shaksper Guildenstern") both owned by Jennifer and Keith.

1 Mar 2020

14 Feb 2020 Bentley Valentine's day but no chocolate. Bentley
9 Feb 2020
Jennifer teaching Bear and Ophelia
8 Feb 2020
6 Feb 2020
Bear and Ophelia
2 Feb 2020
Jennifer with Boo and Bear Boo and Bear Boo and Bear
21 Jan 2020
Boo and Bear in teepee.

19 Jan 2020
Boo and Bear Boo and Bear Boo and Bear
12 Jan 2020
Real Men
6 Jan 2020
Duffy with ears down Boo at the beach Boo and Keith

1 Jan 2020
Norwich weather vane

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