Siri's 2021 Litter


16, 18, 20 Mar 2021
Siri ("Shaksper Serena Mckellen NA NAJ CGC") was bred by side-by-side AI (artificial insemination) to Robert ("GCHB Camio's Charred Oak") owned by Cathy Rogers. Another picture of Robert.

13 Apr
Ultrasound today by the theriogenology (reproduction) veterinarians at NC State University showed that Siri is pregnant with possibly four puppies. (It can be difficult to accurately count puppies using ultrasound.)

If all goes well, puppies are due around 18 May.

13 May
I had planned to take Siri today to NC State for an x-ray to get a more accurate count on the number of puppies. Also an x-ray can be used to estimate the size of the puppies versus the size of Siri's pelvic opening so that I know whether to let Siri try to free-whelp or plan for a c-section. Unfortunately the gasoline shortage caused by the pipeline shutdown has forced me to change my plans. With over 70 percent of gasoline stations in North Carolina reporting that they are out of gasoline (which I suspect is an underestimate), I rescheduled for Monday. I want to save the gasoline in my car in case of an emergency, or for Monday when I plan to move to Raleigh for Siri and I to be near the vet school until Siri has her puppies.
14 May
A pregnant Siri laying down.