Portia's 2020 Litter


25, 27, 28 May 2020
Portia ("Shaksper Portia Catonis AX AXJ CGCA") was bred by side-by-side AI (artificial insemination) to Robert ("GCHB Camio's Charred Oak") owned by Cathy Rogers. Another picture of Robert. Here is Robert checking out Portia right before they were bred.

22 Jun
Ultrasound today by the theriogenology (reproduction) vets at NC State University showed the Portia is pregnant with most likely one puppy. It can be difficult to accurately count puppies using ultrasound - so there could be more than one puppy - but there is at least one puppy with a good heart beat.

The bad news is that the ultrasound also revealed an absorption site. Dogs absorb, rather than have miscarriages. So my repro vets are treating this as a "problem" pregnancy. Portia has been put on the drug terbutaline to "calm her uterus". We will be coming back to NC State for repeated ultasounds on a regular basis during the pregnancy.

2 Jul
Portia was again seen at NC State. This time my repro vets shaved part of Portia's belly in order that their ultrasound probe would have good contact with Portia's skin. They still only see one puppy but fortunately the puppy still looks healthy.