Polly's 2020 Litter


15-20 Jun 2020
Polly ("Shaksper Hippolyta RN OA AXJ NF CGC") was bred by side-by-side AI (artificial insemination) to Gunner ("CH Coventry's Have Gunner Will Travel CGC TKI") owned by Darrell Roy.

Polly is a "fluffy" Norwich. This means that Polly has two copies of the (recessive) long coat allele that makes a long (and soft) coat. So Polly does not look like a typical Norwich, either in terms of the feel of her coat or its color. In the picture, Polly is shaved down. Gunner does not carry the fluffy allele, so any puppies from a Gunner x Polly breeding will have a normal Norwich coat.

Polly lives in Maryland with her primary owner, Lynn S. I sold Polly to Lynn under the condition that I could breed Polly for one litter. The plan is for Polly to come stay with me for the last two weeks of her pregnancy and for the three months while Polly is raising her puppies. After that Polly will return to Lynn, who intends to spay Polly.

17 Jul
Ultrasound today shows that Polly is pregnant with possibly four puppies. It can be difficult to accurately count puppies using ultrasound. The ultrasound picture seems to indicate that one puppy is in one horn of Polly's uterus, and the other three are in the other horn.

5 Aug
I picked up Polly today from Lynn. (We met in Virigina halfway between our respective homes.) Polly spent the rest of the day checking out the dog beds in my house.

Polly clearly remembers me. (Dogs never forget their breeder. I suspect it is because our scent in imprinted as a very early memory.) Polly also vaguely remembers my house. But she is clearly a bit confused about the change in her living arrangements, especially being so far advanced in her pregnancy.