Tami's 2019 Litter


2, 4, 6 Jan 2019
Tami ("Shaksper Tamora Queen Of The Goths") was bred by side-by-side AI (artificial insemination) to Porter ("GCH Dreamweaver Up The Ante @ Coventry") owned by Dale Martins.

This is Tami's third breeding attempt. Her two previous attempts in 2017 and 2018 did not produce any puppies. Tami's 2018 breeding, also to Porter, resulted in pregnancy, but Tami absorbed the puppies. (Dogs absorb, rather than have miscarriages.)

25 Jan
Ultrasound today showed that Tami is pregnant with two, maybe three puppies ... and one absorption site. Given her breeding history, we plan to monitor this pregnancy very closely.
31 Jan
Another ultrasound and progesterone check. Again three puppies and one absorption site seen. Normal development of the puppies.
12 Feb
Tami had another ultrasound and progesterone check. All looks well. Here is a a good view of one of the puppies from the ultrasound monitor. And a view showing that there really are three puppies.