Norwich Terrier Upper Airway Syndrome (NTUAS) is a term used to describe respiratory problems of the upper airway in Norwich terriers. NTUAS is considered the number one health problem facing Norwich terriers. Signs include noisy breathing and exercise intolerance - especially in hot and humid weather - and snoring when sleeping. Upon endoscopy, everted laryngial saccules are frequently found to be blocking the airway. (They can be surgically removed.) Laryngial collapse has also been reported. It is thought that all Norwich terriers have NTUAS to some degree or other.

Originally thought to be the same as Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome ([1]), current thinking is that NTUAS is different. Documentation of the problem in Norwich terriers is in reference [4]. A grading scheme for the Norwich upper airway was proposed in 2009 in reference [2]; unfortunately this grading is only done in Switzerland. A study at Michigan State under Dr Bryden Stanley is currently underway to reproduce and extend this work. Currently the only scientific guidance breeders have is given in references [3| and [5], although this is not widely believed to be relevant to NTUAS.

Updates on Dr. Stanley's research are available. See also this web site, which includes a link to the 2018 NTUAS Owner Survey.

Last updated 20180823.


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