Norwich Embark Cost Share Offer

My Embark cost-share offer is still open. For any Norwich I will split the cost of an Embark DNA panel kit ( You will get an Embark report that lists the results of approximately 160 DNA health mutations (only four are known to affect Norwich) plus traits such as coat color and type. I will get the raw DNA for a Norwich diversity project that I am doing. All results about a particular dog will be kept confidential. See my Summary of Norwich Embark Reports web page which describes an Embark report and what has been learned so far from the reports.

Since I make bulk purchases of Embark kits, I get a reduced price over Embark's retail cost of $179/kit for breeders. Currently the split cost (the amount each of us pays) is $65/kit. If purchased separately, the cost of the DNA tests for PLL, DM, D-Locus, and the fluffy gene would be over $100. Plus you get coat color genetics and type (fluffy gene).

For any Norwich imported from Europe to North America, I am currently offering to pay the full cost of an Embark kit. Contact me and I will send you an Embark kit for free.

If any owner of a Norwich outside of North America is interested in participating, please contact me. Special arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.

Embark does not do the DNA test for the UAS (upper airway syndrome) marker. Currently VetGen is the only lab offering this DNA test.

Embark does not do the DNA test for the INPP5E mutation (puppy cystic renal dysplasia) found in Norwich. Currently the only way to do the INPP5E DNA test is via North Carolina State University.

Blair Kelly
Last updated 20200505