Want a Shaksper Norwich Terrier?

I strive to breed the healthiest Norwich that I can. I health test my breeding stock as much - if not more - than any other Norwich breeder ... and you can see the results of many of the tests by looking on the web site of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and putting "Shaksper" in their search box. Temperament is equally as important as health. My dogs live in my house, sleep in my bed, and take frequent car trips with me. All my young dogs take puppy classes and earn their AKC Canine Good Citizen title. My older dogs train and compete in agility. I am an AKC Breeder of Merit and an AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Breeder.

Do you have any puppies for sale?

You can tell if I have had any recent puppies by looking at my litters page. Puppies do not leave me until they are at least twelve weeks old. Alternately, you can contact me to inquire about my breeding plans.

Do you have any older dogs for sale?

This is infrequent. You have to contact me to inquire.

Do you keep a waiting list?

I do not keep a waiting list; however for anyone who inquires about puppies, I add them to my "announcement" list and email them when I next have a litter of puppies.

Nor do I have any formal application form. Once I have puppies on the ground, and get past the critical first three weeks (when things can go wrong very fast), then I start relaxing. At that point, I start to interview prospective owners as they contact me. No puppy leaves until it is at least twelve weeks old. So there is plenty of time to find good homes.

If you want a puppy from my kennel, my recommendation would be to send me an email (shakspernorwich@gmail.com) to get on my "announcement" list. Feel free to check in with me every so often and inquire about my breeding plans. Also you can watch for litter announcements on my "Litters" web page.

How much do you charge for a Norwich puppy?

When I last sold puppies (Nov 2020) I charged $4,000.

Keep in mind that the sale price of a Norwich is not the only financial thing that you should consider. You can expect to spend approximately $1,000 per year on the maintenance of a Norwich terrier - approximately $500 for annual dental cleanings with x-rays and another $500 for food, shots, etc.

Do you ship puppies?

I do not ship puppies. I either deliver a dog, or you have to come pick it up. I am located in North Carolina.

A reputable breeder will want the buyer, seller, and dog to - at least once - all be in the same place at the same time.

Do you give a health guarantee?

A few days before any dog leaves me, the dog is seen by my veterinarian in order to get a certificate of health.

But perhaps you mean a health guarantee regarding genetic problems?

No one can guarantee the genetic health of a dog. I can only guarantee that I have health tested the parents and taken that information into account when making breeding decisions ... and I do as much if not more health testing than any other Norwich breeder (see my list of health tests). Everything else is up to the genetic "roll of the dice".

My sales contract includes a clause that essentially says that I will reimburse you for veterinary costs up to the amount of the purchase price for treatment of any hereditary problem.

What things do you require of a buyer?

My goal is to find good homes for any puppy or dog that I sell. To that end I will ask questions about how the puppy or dog will be taken care of and by whom.

I require a home visit by either myself or my representative to any prospective home. I want to make sure that the environment will be a good one for any puppy or dog.

I require a veterinary reference if a buyer has had pets in the past. And I call the veterinary office and inquire about the prospective buyer.

Do you have a sales contract that you use?

Yes, a sample contract is here. I sometimes revise the contract, so this may be out of date.

Why do you sell your dogs under a "co-ownership" agreement? I just want to buy a dog.

For all practical purposes, the dog will be yours. The dog will live with you and you will take care of the dog.

A co-ownership agreement gives me legal standing in case I need to go to court to protect the dog. If you are willing to do the things that I ask in my sales contract, you will never notice the difference between full ownership and co-ownership. I am happy to put you in touch with people who have purchased dogs from me in the past so that you can hear how co-ownership works.

I do not just sell a dog ... you become part of my extended "dog family". I am available at any time to answer questions, offer advice, or help with the dog.

Why does your contract require various health tests be done on the dog? I just want a pet dog, and I do not plan to breed the dog.

While some of the health tests give me as a breeder information about my breeding program, others give useful information about the health of your dog. I subsidize most - but not all - of the costs of these health tests.

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