Some things to consider

Other than a spouse, a dog is the only family member that you get to choose. A Norwich puppy will be living with you for approximately twelve to fifteen years. So it is important to do your "homework" and make an informed choice. I encourage you to look around my kennel web pages, learn as much as you can about Norwich terriers, and ask questions.

Here are some things you should consider.

Why do you want a Norwich terrier?

There are several small terrier breeds that are easier to acquire - Westies, Cairns, Border terriers, etc. Why do you want a Norwich terrier? You may not have a good answer to this question, but it is one that you should try to answer.

What sex do you want?

Some people have a strong preference regarding the sex of the dog that they want to acquire; some people do not. As a generalization, boy dogs are sweeter than girl dogs.

Do you want a young puppy, an older puppy, or an adult dog?

Young puppies chew everything (that nice piece of furniture), pee and poop in the most inconvenient spots (that nice rug), and generally can be a real nuisance. Some people love this time of a dog's life; others prefer an older puppy that is past most of this. Some people even prefer an older dog that is "retired" from breeding and showing.

What color Norwich do you want?

People choose a particular breed because they like the size, the look, and the temperament. Along with look goes color. Some people have a preference; others do not. The two predominant colors of Norwich terriers are red and "black and tan" (black saddle).

Please also see my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) web page.

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